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We’re a military family and after spending nearly 2 years separated from each other— we were anxious to start being a real family again which meant getting a new puppy. We researched and deliberated for hours before settling on a 12-week old large breed German Shepherd. Only two weeks after our baby Stark was home with us, we thought we made a horrible mistake! He was impossible to walk, restless and destructive, and worst of all— using our 6-year old human boy as a chew toy.

picture of stark and his family First of all- they saved us by providing Stark with a break in the middle of the day and a walk while we’re at work. Denise, our dog walker, is lovable and kind. Sometimes we think she probably loves Stark more than we do. She’s prompt with her updates and has never missed a day. She’s like another member of our family!

Secondly, the training that Christine provided for us literally saved our family. We were thinking of rehoming Stark before Christine came into our lives. Her knowledge is only second to her love and passion for dogs. She’s not a slacker and will hold your dog (and you) accountable with the love of a big sister and the grit of a drill sergeant.

Now- Stark is a model citizen at 7.5 months old. Our son continuously lays on him and bugs him like big brothers do with no repercussions. Stark walks better on a leash now than any dog around and we think he feels pretty proud when he just walks by another, lesser-trained dog who’s barking and pulling their owner. In short, Christine and the whole Zen Doggies family were true lifesavers for us. I cannot recommend them enough or give them higher praise for what they have done for us!

- Caitlin Jones